the process

It really is amazing what God is doing through this ministry, not just locally in Coleraine and the UK, but right across the globe. We now have ministries springing up in Europe, North and South America, Africa and Australia. Many churches from various denominations are running our model on a regular basis, and we’re seeing many people healed and come to faith right on the streets of our towns and cities. God is definitely moving in an exciting way!

We have a simple two step process for getting involved with Healing on the Streets, which we encourage you to follow if you choose to use this model.

the steps

Step One:

Get to know the Healing on the Streets values and model; 
Decide with your church leaders if it is a model of ministry you want to commit to run with over the long term.

Step Two:

We help you prepare to launch Healing on the Streets by sharing our resources;
We offer training for your team and help you launch your ministry;
As a Healing on the Streets ministry we value your continued relationship.

Over the past few years we've supported dozens and dozens of churches through this process. Our experience is that following this process results in the highest quality, informed decisions and the most effective ministries.

Interested in getting started?