Training Itinerary

Thank you for your interest in Healing on the Streets training. 

Healing on the Streets was founded by Mark Marx and first pioneered in Coleraine in Easter of 2005. It’s a model of grace and mercy that God breathed life into, and has become a movement across cities and nations, connecting the brokenness of our streets with the love of his heart.

If you are considering using our HOTS model in your town or city, correct training and preparation is vital. To ensure your HOTS carries the same DNA, make sure your HOTS team receives training from Mark or from one of our recognised trainers. You can copy something, but it’s only a shell unless filled with the same passion and perspectives that gave birth to the original.

Over the years we have discovered that when the HOTS model is changed in some way, or the team has not been fully taught, or taught from someone who hasn't caught the values that makes HOTS what it is. It simply ceases to be “HOTS”. We would encourage you to read Mark's book "Stepping into the Impossible - The story of Healing on the Streets" which you can purchase on this site.

By all means go to someone else’s HOTS training and launch to check it out, but there is something special about birthing HOTS in your own town or city and have your own training and launch, rather than to launch off the back of someone else.  

Please note that training is only one step in the process for getting involved. If you are interested in attending a training weekend, the local church(es) organise the training weekends and they take care of communication, times, location and pricing. If you would like to join one of these training events, please email us and we’ll be happy to provide you the appropriate contact information.