Partner with us

Why Partner with us?

You already know that something incredible happens when the church shows up in the community and begins demonstrating the kingdom with compassion and authority. Now imagine groups of churches throughout Europe partnering together to extend their reach and kingdom influence so that broken lives experience hope and broken bodies experience healing.

Over the years Healing on the Streets has expanded to seventeen countries and over 700 churches. Each week churches and church leaders contact us to figure out how they can lead their church on to the streets and among the people. It’s our desire and kingdom responsibility to continue the expansion of Healing on the Streets and to equip local churches to engage their community with kingdom compassion and authority.

We believe that partnering together enables us to safeguard the values of Healing on the Streets, release regional trainers and sow into countries where Healing on the Streets is emerging. This gives us the opportunity of doing more together than we could ever do on our own and allows us to play our part in unleashing local churches globally to take healing to the streets of their cities.